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AVGN: (upon organism returned to the first screen later on acquiring a Game Over along the second) Man... Man, fuck that fuck. Man, you recollect I'm gonna put myself through that once more?! GOD DAMMIT cory in the house sex game MAN! (imitates shot off four of his fingers, going the midsection I outstretched upward) Man, FUCK this bet on, man! Man - Jesus Christ, I'd quite fucking 69 A grizzly yield while shoving King Kong up my ass! I'd quite fucking stand in the middle of a encircle of monkeys as they stream me to death with their own anal run off! An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol Part One Edit AVGN: (receiving Home Alone 2 for the NES in a give -enwrapped box) Oh gee. Thanks for sending me this crappy game! Coal would've been nice! Or even better, a bag of quarter! So thanks!

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